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Lampshade Kit - 20cm

Lampshade Kit - 20cm

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Design and make your own lampshades with our professional making kits using your covering of
choice. You can use fabric (from here... or anywhere!), or even wallpaper. This is the perfect way to jazz up an old lamp, or co-ordinate your interior fabrics.

These kits are lots of fun and easy to do. The create a satisfying professional looking lampshade.

Fabric is not included in the kit.

What size will my covering need to be?
Your covering needs to be 645mm wide x 220 mm to cover the self adhesive panel supplied 

What  type of lamp holder will this lampshade fit
The lampshade frame included  in your kit will fit the standard bayonet cap  (BC) lamp holder. 
This is the most common  type of lamp fitting in the UK today. It can also be used  with  Edison Screw (E27)  lamp holders, most common in Europe,  simply remove the converter plug in the centre of the fitting

What's in the box
1 x Lampshade ring, epoxy coated
1 x Lampshade ring, epoxy coated with fitting
1 x Self adhesive lampshade panel size 643mm x 206mm includes 13mm kiss cut.
1 x 3mtr roll self adhesive tape
1 x Rolled Edge tool for finishing