Dimple Bundle - Let it Go 7 Squares

Dimple Bundle - Let it Go 7 Squares

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The 'Let it Go' bundle has been inspired by Frozen.

Smooth Jewel - dimple electric - dimple raspberry - dimple lavender - smooth tiffany - smooth white - smooth printed cheveron

Shannon  plush cuddle fabric. This is a low pile plush fabric with dimple indents. Extremely popular as a fabric for children and babies. It is incredibly soft and tactile. Plush is warm and it resists stains. It is 100% polyester and is quickly wash and dry-able.
Dimple plush is often used for making or lining baby blankets. It is an excellent choice for toy making (I also stock smooth plush in many colours, if you don't see them, ask about available colours). Dimple plush is perfect for bib making as it is so soft against your baby's skin. Plush will help keep mositure away and as an added bonus it does not easily stain. Plush is often used as a layer in nappy making.